Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Misc; wool

The montage is to give me some idea of colour ways to dye the wool I have been spinning recently, the patchwork blanket was made up from balls of wool that had been  chemically dyed, with an emphasis on purple (Lillies fault), so now to make some soft colourways......
Kaffe Fassett montage

Dyed today
1) Copper sulphate
2) Copper sulphate + weld
3) Alum + henna 
4) Alum + sappanwood

patchwork knitting


  1. I like number 2 best but they're all gorgeous!

  2. ;) pastel shades Em, it is difficult to create different colours from a small number of dusty looking plastic bags! What I need is a paint colour chart for creams, and a pair of gloves - beware of copper sulphate...

  3. What pretty colours you have created. I remember dyeing wool with Elderberry and (or?) Blackberries years ago with my girls. It is something I have books on, and really want to return to, but everything is up in the air at the moment, and I don't feel I can really settle to anything until we move - but you never know.

    Keep up the good work. I like the first two colours best. I have started loving a soft green these days - it feels a peaceful colour - perhaps what I need? Blue was my favourite colour until recently, but I have a sudden urge to have lots of purple (as in a violet shade) in my life too!

  4. Hi Jennie, it is a bit like doing chemistry lessons creating colours; there is a range of greens you can produce from plants, it just takes time and I must admit dyeing does take up time and space in the kitchen, don't cook at the same time is also a wise move!