Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A watery landscape

Some rather vivid photos of what the storms have done to our coastline. Here at Portland  in Devon hundreds of tons of rock from a holed stack rock has  disintegrated in the massive seas, changing the shoreline forever.
On the coast of Pembrokeshire, Newgale beach's great protective wall of large pebbles have washed across the road making it impassable.  Newgale is a large beach that stretches for a good mile, a good gallop for horses, surfers use its great rolling waves and holidaymakers take advantage of its clean sands.
Again at Hastings in Sussex, the cliffs fall quite dramatically into the sea, to the exclamations from the sightseers who watch these storm happenings.
Luckily the storms have come over the Christmas period, when most people are on holiday and can stay indoors except for the 'sensation seekers' who want to record these disasters.
Whatever the damage that has happened over the last few days, the dramatic pictures shows nature in all its glory and magnificence, no one cannot but be thrilled to see great towering waves hitting our promenade without realising how strong nature is, the Somerset Levels have once more for a brief time returned to a watery landscape reminiscent of Guinvere's Avalon, the people of Muchelney marooned on their small village island, perhaps reminding us of the later King Alfred and his burnt cakes on Athelney. But I should not jest for many people whose homes have been flooded in the levels are very angry that the land has not been drained once again, and just look towards to the end of the clip when a pretty lass arrives from THE SUN, bearing gifts of beer and food - what is it with this newspaper that makes me so angry?

Newgale Beach. Credit;Stuart Phillips
A polar vortex, or American photos on the Guardian of the big freeze...


  1. I think it is their need to sensationalise everything - they can make a drama out of any crisis, often with no thought for those in the middle of it at all.

  2. You are right of course Pat, but such behaviour is so wretched ;)