Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weather happenings

The Essex Weather Centre is now looking into the possibility that the weather was in fact a small tornado between Harlow and Colchester.         Read more: 

Yesterday evening we had a probable small tornado through this part of Essex, it visited us as well, tearing down the new post put up to keep the fencing safe after the last storm. It was quite extraordinary the ferocity of the storm which only last about 10 minutes, the wind and rain hammered the windows, thunder and lightening together and then it passed and all was quiet again.  Next door neighbour came round this morning, his greenhouse had been smashed and bonsai trees lost, the gust had blown between our two houses wrenching the fencing out, then the fierce gust had flown across the green and torn off some large branches from the big old trees at the bottom.  Weird weather, but tornados are not uncommon and at least our roof stayed on!


  1. Good grief. That was very localized then. We had a very sudden and rapid squall in the afternoon, with torrential rain, but it was only here 5 minutes or so before moving on, and Tam mentioned something similar weatherwise in Sheffield, so perhaps your mini tornado was part of the same system?

  2. That's shocking Thelma. We've had snow this afternoon but not a lot. It was like a blizzard for three minutes and then nothing. Off to have a look at your link....

    1. Hi Em, it was only a very small one ;) think I will call it Mrs.Pepperpot...

  3. Paul was mithering this morning, about repairing the fencing once more but it can't be helped. But perhaps it was an angry squall, so dark at the time you could not tell, have to wait for the weathermen to tell us what happened but it must have been a wide swathe if it happened in Wales and Sheffield as well..