Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This and that

Well the fence got mended by our neighbour yesterday for which we are grateful, and the 'tornado' incident has gone, though apparently keeping on a straight trajectory it took out a silver birch tree at the doctor's surgery further on. Looking at the map, and taking on board that it had hit a straight line between Colchester and Harlow, we were in its path at Springfield; our other neighbour had been travelling back in their enormous motor van by Harlow and had experienced it as well. Enough of weather.
Waking up this morning and making my first cup of tea of the day, listening to Paul Simon's 'You can call me Al' I just love that song, I then more soberly tuned into Radio 4, only to listen to Margaret Hodges not actually saying that the Queen was profligate more that the royal household could do more to contribute to the funds of looking after their 'heritage', the royal palaces in other words.  I like Margaret Hodges, sitting on committees asking the questions that need to be asked of energy czars, bankers and anyone who comes under her sharp tongue she puts life into perspective, whether it makes a difference I cannot say. Anyway, she reckoned Buckingham Palace should be open more often that the 78 days it is a year, same for Sandringham and Windsor perhaps.
Neighbours can be fascinating, though it is best to keep them out of blogs, but yesterday our right sided couple complained of the cock crowing in the morning on their other side, hoping to elicit our sympathy and support.  This creature has only just started crowing, so is either a new arrival, or the hen turning male, there is also a quacking duck, of course we both love the sound of these creatures and it doesn't bother us so we will see what happens.
At one stage in my life I kept quails, never again, the male of that species has a piercing squawk in the morning and totally embarrassing.  My two males got put in rabbit hutches at night in the basement so they just woke us up.  Luckily they kept escaping from their enclosure in the garden and then disappearing, maybe a fox got them, though there was a feral flock up in the Archery Field. If one needs quails eggs in the salad buy them from Waitrose.....


  1. that tornado whipped my neighbours tiles from the edge of her balcony. My brother felt it down in Horsham, or rather heard it, as it rushed through his woods. he said it was so loud he ran out of the woods, for fear the trees were about to fall on him. I'd be interested to see a map of it's path.

  2. Gosh, it seemed to have made its way across England in an W/E direction, I can well understand your brother running out of the woods it was terrifying...