Sunday, January 19, 2014


The water meadows living up to their name

Sunday morning and as wet as ever out in the garden, blackbirds by the handful singing their songs, marking their territories - foolish creatures wait awhile!  Life becomes quiet in winter, we have hardly been out, last week to the Cat's pub for my birthday lunch and then Friday night to the Fox and Raven for seared salmon on a medley of vegetables, which was good they have upped their mark at last!
Yesterday I made a cheesecake for LS, which turned out beautifully and hit just the right hint of sourness and sweetness...... My mind has been trying to sort out the stories that tumble down from the news, old sex scandals which perhaps should have been buried and not gone through the courts.  The French scandal with Hollande and his philandering, I see no one has used that word yet, perhaps it has gone out of fashion.  Marina Hythe in the Guardian yesterday nailed it, it is just the myth story we make up about the French that brings out the details and how we read them, as she says, the swinging sixties could just have been 17 people and Mick Jagger, who knows?
I spy in society a  revolution slowly taking place with women, claiming their right of equality, and freedom from sexual hassle, there was a letter signed  also in the Guardian to Lord Rennard,- no apology, no whip signed by over a hundred women in the Liberal Party.  I don't know anything of his misdeeds but recognise in the women that anger when subject to a misogynistic male who has taken one familar step too far and undermines the authority of women in a man's game of politics.

LS working on the scroll


  1. Love your header and your post today. I agree about all the scandals at present - the first quarter of an hour of the news was about nothing else. Then it switches yesterday to this tragic little boy. If only we could have a snippet of something good to cling on to. I can't get him out of my mind, poor little chap.
    Any chance of your posting that cheesecake recipe?

  2. Hi Pat, recipe posted ;). It was so sad about the little boy, a life taken for what?