Friday, January 23, 2015

A walk in the Woods

Blakes Wood to be precise, there has been woodland on this site for 10,000 years. A crisp, blue sky day, with everything etched clearly in the bright sun, and of course a ploughman's at The Cats, which fortuitously happened to be open!

Wood spurge

Sweet chestnut husks like little hedgehogs

These boots aren't obviously made for walking!

Lunch at The Cats, these are photos of Wally's steam engines.


  1. Looks like a jolly good walk (and lunch) to me.

  2. Beautiful day Pat, The Cats do a simple ploughmans and sandwiches, but everything is very fresh and the salad with its little package of Heinz salad spread takes one back to the olden days ;)

  3. Nothing like finishing up at a pub for lunch after a walk - I haven't done it since OB was born!

  4. That is terrible Em, there may be reasons I know, but a quiet throng of people chatting away in a pub is a good tradition. Plus I have a very high metabolic rate, need feeding at regular intervals!