Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moths and bees - orchids

Photos of these beautiful epiphyete orchid  plants, they will flower for a couple of months if I remember to water the right way.  The creamy-white one is a moth orchid, though I see the petals as butterfly wings.  But Linnaeus saw them as moth like creatures, extraordinary intricate as if these plants are turning into insects - the next stage of their evolution.


  1. I never have success with orchids. Poinsettias on the other hand absolutely refuse to die on me and just flourish until finally around August I throw them out. Same goes for Azaleas. I do love orchids though.

    1. Think it is all in the watering, especially as they don't sit in soil. Someone bought me back a tiny plantlet orchid from Thailand in a stoppered 'whiskey' bottle, which did not do so well, rotting gently in its gell...