Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slow Cornish lanes

A friend sent me these photos this morning, on his way to Louden stone circle, a typical high banked lane in Cornwall, obstructed somewhat by these slow moving Highland cattle. Fabulous...
They are fairly laid back on the moors as well, along with white banded cattle and of course the ponies.

And a late arrival, the front view of these great creatures, blond fringed with Viking horns in summer, and yes I do have permission for use of the photos....

Not forgetting the wicked Highlanders at Trippet Stone circle, as they scratch against the stones, all photos of course are from Bodmin Moor, and I remember meeting these cattle on a cold and  windy day, when we had a picnic not too far from them and they were well behaved.


  1. Aren't they wonderful in winter - SO hairy! The Belted Galloways seem to turn up on rough moorland grazing across the country - lots on Dartmoor too. They seem to cope with the rough grazing very well.

    Living where we do, we regularly suffer hold-ups from stock being moved, hedges being cut, etc, but the worst thing is to get stuck behind the Knackerman as he goes about his business. Pegs on noses time!

  2. Thanks for the Belted Galloways, could not remember their name. If I was rich I would have half a dozen Highland cattle in the field at the bottom of my garden they are gorgeous. I am glad they survive out on these moors, but there are many ponies (not moorland) who roam Bodmin Moor, and Roy's friend Susan says that they are often neglected and hungry...