Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where is the Sun?

As I try to write something most days, what has happened in the last two days.  Well on Monday we went into town for various things, which is fairly boring, but in the pedestrian thoroughfare were a group of men and women waving several union flags about. My first thoughts, always dramatic of course, gosh the blackshirts are here, fascism is creeping back.  This because I had read of similar events in Germany, especially in Dresden, against immigration, happening on a Monday. There was a police van parked further down the path, so I expect my reading of the situation was right, rather scary was my first thought, BNP or UKIP who knows, though I notice the BNP are fathering other right wing groups.
Tuesday was devoted to quilting, one of those resolutions I had made, the background material had arrived so I cut lengths of edging to frame the funny owl and other 'childish' things I had chosen for Lillie (framed of course in a soft purple), and now my computer sits in front of the sewing machine on my desk, with cutters, scissors and scattered materials, untidy of course.
The other thing that comes to mind, is something that LS said last night, about what prehistoric place had fascinated him and he pulled this one out of the bag, Carn Wnda, Llanwnda, an memories of sunny days in Wales, with the sea glinting in the distance and this cromlech hidden amongst the rocks immediately comes into the mind's eye.  Must be missing summer and of course Wales ;)

Solva Harbour with the tide out

These rocks at Carn Wnda are what Wales is made of!

A weaving mill, tucked somewhere amongst the lanes, still keeping up the traditional crafts.


  1. It is photographs like this that keep me going on cold winter days.

  2. Yes ever since the start of the digital age when we can take photos in a second, and have them on our computers, the world has travelled a long way along the technology path.

  3. 'my computer sits in front of the sewing machine on my desk, with cutters, scissors and scattered materials, untidy of course.'
    Sadly, I relate very well to the mental image conjured by your words!

    1. All my hobbies are messy sadly, baskets in the cupboards tip over, and I have to be fairly tidy at the moment because of people coming to see the house, luckily they do not open cupboard doors ;)