Friday, January 9, 2015

Wretched Post Office


Today is my birthday, don't ask the age, it will never be revealed.... But the last week or so Em who had drawn my favourite dog before Xmas and sent the above photo and I have been lamenting the fact that the drawing has failed to turn up, wretched postal service, maybe it is lost in a vast warehouse somewhere!  To be honest, and I have forgotten to tell Em, a parcel disappeared before Xmas for LS's birthday so such negligence seems quite common.
Both LS and I have birthdays before and after the Xmas season, so of course birthday presents are somewhat reduced, alright when you are an adult but a bit miserable as a child!
But just to say that I loved the photo, and the Post Office had better pull up its socks.  You may not know but the main branch in Chelmsford is the floor above W.H.Smith, not even it's own building, waiting to be served can be up to half an hour.  Our depot, centrally placed, with the 'lost dept' within its depths has also been sold off to Waitrose, so no go there.  There is another huge, sorting office? out of town, which may help, who knows?  All other parcels arrive quite safely from other postal services, when I order tea from Twinings in Ireland, (loose tea) it arrives 3 days later, tracking email on my computer.  Though and here is the rub, the poor man who delivered it only gets 98p from the transaction. 
End of rant...

Moss in progress; I think Em has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of him;  The photograph captured him sitting in the centre of the garden, probably waiting for a cat to walk by without thinking! Though he loved the birds, and from being a puppy would watch their comings and goings in the garden, but could never stand wagtails!


  1. These are beautiful - I do hope the original turns up. It is so annoying to think of it languishing somewhere.

    1. I'm so gutted Pat. I will do him again though but am going to give it a couple of weeks just in case he turns up somewhere. I put my address on the back and my address and phone number are inside should anyone open it.

      So sorry Thelma. Happy birthday again though!