Monday, January 11, 2016

Detail of Norman doorway at Sinnington

Detail: The above Norman doorway is blocked, but the stone material contains several pieces, of what is probably, A/S broken up pieces of the same grave slab?.  On the left hand side wall you can see a squarish stone with a hole in it, this was an old sun dial apparently.

In the west wall is a blocked Norman door with a round arch, roll-moulded chamfered imposts and side shafts. Immediately above it is a square-headed two-light window, probably of 17th-century date. Still higher up is a small round-headed Norman light. "

Not sure about this piece, one moment I see a man, with spear on horseback, the next a rather blurry pattern..


  1. Interesting fragments. The blurry one looks a little (if I squint!) like a man on horseback with a shield and spear? When was the doorway infilled? It looks very recent but perhaps that is just a "touching up" of the mortar? Sadly not lime mortar either by the look of it. WHAT a shame that in the past so many of the hog backs and crosses were broken up for infill.

  2. Morning Jennie, It does look like a 'picture' fragment the last one, it is a shame that these old stones were broken up at a later stage, there were a couple of restorations, the chancel arch being the latest.