Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday and a storm

The wind rages round the house like a banshee, chairs and milk bottles lie tumbled on the drive - another storm.  Tom my eldest grandson has just asked (via F/B) if he can use the cottage in Whitby this weekend, and I said of course you can ;) whilst keeping my fingers crossed that no parties take place.
Lucy by the way has been behaving very well at night, almost as if she has settled down.  She is a character that is very needy, a trait shared by most cocker spaniels apparently. She makes us laugh, LS calls her a Zen dog.  Trots around always with something in her mouth, teases us by getting our slippers, dusters she always presents to LS, my knitting she trails with glee, little tail wagging furiously.
My cold frames arrived eventually, ordered well before Xmas they have been a long time coming, apparently the carrier's  Tuffnell got flooded in Leeds, taking out all their computers as well. There was a visitation by people from Hebden Bridge to Westminster yesterday, when they laid out five hundred pairs of wellington on the lawn outside the House of Parliament, a reminder to Cameron to do something about this flooding.  I notice the Pickering flood defences are  being quoted more and more in the media as one way to go.

Some cheerful photos, I keep them in the 'retrospective folder' and they are definitely needed on days like this, now to go and feed the hens!

Misty Whitby

A wood near Bath covered with ransoms

Tom when he was still small

A dragonfly in the Bath garden


  1. Are you still standing up there on the Moors? At 600 feet we are struggling.
    Love your new header and imagine you lying on your stomach maybe to take it. I always think it is lovely to get down low and see what is growing down there.
    Keep upright.

  2. Thanks, not taking the dog a walk though in that wind, and there is another storm on the way on monday. The header was probably at Stoney Littleton long barrow, there is lady's bedstraw there.