Sunday, January 3, 2016


Siri;  Siri is an automated voice on your mobile phone, both my young granddaughters demonstrated this function over the weekend.  Ask a question and it comes back with a whole host of information. It is unnerving to watch them talking to this virtual creature but this is the way the world is going. Less contact with physical realities more contact with virtual 'intelligences'. slightly scary, LS asked the question 'what is the sound of one hand clapping' Siri answered 'silence' got that one right then!

One day we will all have a little bug inside our heads, we will not even have to hold our phones or tablets.  Tablets have already ousted the computers in my daughter's family, being 'wired' up to an outside influence is a tad scary.....  I note that I can talk to Google on my computer asking questions but have never got that far, I would rather internalise my thoughts and just type a question.

It was great to see my eldest grandson, three years away at university has not changed him, he is doing an internship (paid) in PR in a big company, having decided that working for the police was not for him, you have to do five years as a policeman before you can diversify into another job.

Everyone settled down to their sleeping places, just read about a 'cheap' option for spare beds, sew four pillowcases together, then fill with pillows.  Three of them slept on the sofa and armchairs which all flip out, Teddy the dog had his basket, and Lucy slept up in my workroom on the chair and was quiet all night!


  1. You are up bright and early Thelma. Nice relaxed post - obviously you have enjoyed a family visit. I had one in the week and it was so enjoyable to have my son round and also vertical after his recent eye operation. I see my grandchildren quite often - one is aspergers but very clever with several first class degrees but he is a lovely lad. Another is married to a solicitor and lives in Glasgow (and teaches) and a third is trans gender but has just finished at Uni. She seems to be coming to terms with all the implications and is happier this time than I have seen her before.

  2. What I have learnt from family life, is to allow everyone their own way, and just be positive with them. I think my son is slightly in the category of asperger but he copes with life and his diabetes very well. As for my daughter and son-in-law the children are all so positive, that I can only praise their parents for bringing them up so well. Although I wish they would eat more healthily, it is gradually coming though...