Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not much is happening

soon the candles will be put away
I shall just call this a compilation of things that flowed.  You can almost feel the lift in the air as the days grow longer, the birds sing in the morning, not quite dawn chorus but getting there, the earth is eager to come alive again.  The sun shines this morning illuminating the bare branches of the sycamore trees  in the front.  I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of two cold frames, which will need making up when they arrive, which will now be next Monday.  It is then that I can start sowing seed, taking cuttings and storing emerging bulbs.  Without the hens eating everything in sight.  We shall have to have a small run built at the back, they are such a nuisance.

The sun rises at the back
Just down the road at Hutton-le-Hole there is snow, lightly sitting on the hillside.

The muddy river banks slipping away on my walk with Lucy

I managed to find a Phil Rickman book, Night after Night at the library, which I can practically not put down, it weaves and tantalises round a plot, that has a 'big brother' theme in a haunted house.
Been knitting with chenille, a first, it is to be a cushion for my daughter, she gave me a book on knits for the home, and a couple of days ago she also sent an edition of 'Tom Bombadil' which I had never seen before, it had arrived in the Tia shop in Todmorden.

The sun goes down at the front of the house 


  1. What a small world. I have been a friend of Pat (Weaver of Grass) and now discover we are neighbours!

    1. Morning, not sure how far or near we are Denise but as Pat says we should all try and meet up when the weather gets better.

  2. We must try to all meet up in the Summer Denise and Thelma.
    It looks like you have a clearer sky than we have- here is is freezing, foggy, dark and very miserable.

    1. Morning Pat, I suppose you must be higher than us, some mornings are beautiful, crisp and clear.