Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cornwall cont.....

We only visited two wells, one was at St.Neots, the other just outside Duloe, which is of course home to a beautiful small stone quartz circle.  The old wells of Cornwall are well documented but it is their place in the landscape that catches the eye.

St.Neots is a small village with the church up on the hill and the pub next door, (bit like our place), it has carved stones in the churchyard that belong to the early Saxon Christian period and a holy well four hundred metres, Elizabeth Rees has written about it here, a book I have and if I was less lazy would have copied from...


The well has small offerings, why milk I am not sure, a place of healing for sick children, up to the 19th century probably....

The Well of St.Keyne;  With its story here.  Such a pretty place, moss, old stones and steps down to the water,  Cornwall does have its charms and of course its history.


  1. You have some very interesting photo's of the ancient wells and standing stones. Just one observation it is such a pity that people throw money into the wells, I know why they do so however, what the coins can do is to contaminate the water rendering it unsafe to drink.

  2. I love old stones, wells and churches Heron. I suppose you are talking about the lead in coins, and I am not too sure about leaving stuff on 'cloutie' trees either but if it is important to the individual it is difficult to enforce what you want on others ;)

  3. Replies
    1. "Milk for the faeries" Of course why did I not think of that Caethryn ;)