Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday 22nd July

Today is Friday, and if you wonder why I disappeared it was all those Russian readers that appeared on my blog, but I note others have also had the same phenomena, so either it's the KJB or everyone has suddenly become interested in Brexit!

And so to photos, I have already mentioned that there is to be wedding this week end, and the church has been cleaned and polished, flowers have come, the gardener cut the grass round the gravestones beautifully and there has been a great coming and going.

The tractors and trailers rush past the house, with silage or baled silage, the farming landscape is well under way as harvesting progresses in this dry weather.

they 'bomb' through the village, lots going through the town of Pickering today as well

top of church wall as it curves down to our house and the Sun Inn

great pride is taken in our small church

soft shades of pink and white

Even the pews have been polished

A slightly blurry photo of the white bouquets of flowers at the gravestone of the bride's mother.


  1. I am so relieved to have you back in Blogland Thelma - I thought you had gone for ever when all I could get was a note from Blogger to say I couldn't access your site because I didn't have your permission. I even put a query on a very old post on another of your blogs hoping to raise you.
    However, you are back. What a beautiful day for a wedding - and what a sad but beautiful thought about the bride;s mother. Pretty church - our local church is always decorated for weddings. They also decorate the arch over the gate and the village children tie the gate shut while the wedding is in progress. The best man has to toss coins over to the waiting children before one of them unfastens the string. Don't know how long this tradition has gone on for - certainly throughout the farmer's life andbeyond - it took place at his parent's wedding I understand.

  2. Thanks Pat, came back almost immediately! The wedding was beautiful, LS's cousin and his wife was here, so we had a front view when the bride came into the church. LS mentioned the custom of tying the gate to someone who was tending a grave, and she said the same happened at this church. It used to be straw rope, but one day they used plastic string and could not untie it.

  3. The Church looked lovely....What a lovely tradition....

  4. Nice to be able to read your blog again - if you don't object to a reader from Australia who has strayed in? I had two years in the north when we were students in the 70s (Manchester but we walked and explored a lot) and it is lovely to be reminded of these landscapes. Jean

    1. It is lovely to know that people are reading my blog, so welcome.;)
      Yorkshire is a very beautiful place and I need to get out further afield as well.