Friday, July 1, 2016


As someone said on the radio this morning, the situation as far as politicians are concerned is just surreal, there is surely another way of governing the country without the need for self-serving politicians!  But to better things a video here,  a mechanical dragon/ horse in France, this is something totally clever and ingenious, though he has a lot of keepers to make him move.

And from terrifying dragons to a more gentle pastime, the recreated Dutch painting on the front of (link) The National Gallery, made entirely of real flowers, made in early June, to celebrate the art of Dutch flower painting.

And a less savoury reference, Heron noted yesterday that we have two blonde Beeblebubs on the world stage at the moment, well there is a third, if not a fourth, think of La Pen,  but another in the form of Geert Wilders, whose blonde hair tops Trump and Johnson,  the 'devils' are colouring their hair for goodness sake!

So I shall return to my contemplation of the small world I live in, a damp, wet world at the moment. The road gleams outside, everything green has acquired a hue that is darker and more vivid than ever. The delicate petals of the flowers hang limply, the wild cranesbill's petals are translucent, especially if the sun shines through them.  Oxeye daisies are exuberant, great banks of them, the red of the poppy trails along the verge, reminding us that it is the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme today.  Meadowsweet unfurls its feathery flowers and perfume and the birds sing as if winter is a thousand years away.  

A pale lemon lily has unfolded its petals and stands amongst the pots of the courgette plants, who seem to revel in this watery world, and the garden still needs to settle down and mature but as each rose bush unfurls its roses then the Universe becomes a better place....




  1. I love the cranesbills Thelma, but this heavy rain hasn't half made a mess of them, flattening them down on to the path and the lawn. I have two blue ones - Russell Pritchard and Johnson's Blue, and a pretty pink one - Patricia. We also have a lot of wild ones along road sides here.
    I must say that your courgette plants seem to be telling you just how much they love this kind of weather.
    As for politicians - I don't even wish to hear the word again, let alone have to look and/or listen to them.

  2. Think they are my favourite flower, along with penstemons. The rain is wretched, and it is not going to be warmer in the next week or so. Yes the courgettes are a happy little lot, must be the rain and the warm wall behind them.

  3. Yes Thelma, it is indeed Tennants of Leyburn - a marvellous auction house - locals call it the Sothebys of the North! There is a lot about them on line - there is a super cafe and an even more super restaurant and their viewing days are always interesting. My friend, who collects opal jewellry often puts a bid in for things - and sometimes gets them. Come over when there is a sale and then you could call here for lunch.

  4. It looks good, will take you up on that lunch date one day, thank you Pat.