Saturday, July 9, 2016

King Doniert stone at St.Cleer

 "consists of two pieces of a decorated 9th century cross, located near St CleerBodmin MoorCornwall. The inscription is believed to commemorate DungarthKing of Cornwall who died around 875."  Wikipedia

light relief - .four inquisitive donkeys/


  1. That stone is so beautiful Thelma. And as for those donkeys. I would love some but the farmer vetoes the idea - (the voice of reason). My friend W had two - mother and son - but sadly both died of ragwort poisoning contracted long before she had them according to the vet. She would love two more but she is eighty this year and although she is very active still (we wander far and wide together) they do take a lot of looking after and need a farrier's visit every six weeks or so to keep their hooves in good order. Ishall send her a link so that she can look at these four. They always have a sad look.

  2. I know what you mean wanting to own a donkey or two, farrier bills would be expensive, I have cut off LS's in this photo he is grinning away stroking them, but I am sure if we had a field or two, he would have had a couple grazing. I had a donkey once as a companion animal for my horse, my grandfather picked it up in a Villier's Engineering van suitably kitted out for a donkey, and she travelled quite happily with her head between the seats of the driver and passenger.