Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday 7th July

Well another quiet week, though tomorrow Thursday we go to Whitby to be there in time for the removal men on Friday.  It is a sad process selling the cottage, I should be pleased that it went so smoothly, though if the phone was to ring and say that the transaction had fallen through would not be too upset. And of course with all the latest shenanigans it could have  happened.

The weather is dawning fair, as I let out the chickens into their run and the dove and jackdaws came down for their bread the garden looked as if someone was beginning to care.  Into the house to make more bread, and it is slowly rising in its bowl for it to be baked eventually.

I have made a vow to revamp the dolls house as well, as I shall have a new table soon in my workroom to put it on.  Sometimes I think I should get rid of it, but it never happens.

And today it is the time of the Chilcott Report to come out, vast and unwieldy (was that deliberate?) it stands at the base of all that has happened in the terrible fallout of the Arab nations.  I remember hearing the war planes go out from a base near us in Bath, watching the terrible bombing of Baghdad on the evening news and then hearing those planes, low and heavy come back late in the night - or was that just  fevered imagination time presses on and we are left with vague impressions.

Sure that must be called a silver edged butterfly.....

Paul's Scarlet  is starting to come out

Penstemon 'apple blossom' looking very pretty

The dig begins at Ness of Brodgar a panoramic view

And just because it is a lovely day it is wise not to forget Climate Change. high temperatures of 50 degrees in India, and the Jet Stream winding its way below the equator.........


  1. Paul'sScarlet - always my father;s favourite rose - so thank-you for reminding me of it.
    Yes - selling a house you love is always sad isn't it, but perhaps it will be one worry less.

  2. Definitely one worry less Pat, the whole exercise of moving some stuff went well!