Saturday, September 24, 2016


old orchard at Lower Riseborough Farm

Saturday and all is quiet;  It is a time for reading the newspaper. Good news on Matilda she woke up perky and fresh, so sometime today they should go home.
Guardian on Saturday, though I bought The Times yesterday, flicked through their property pages, which mostly consist of million pound houses, all delectable of course, and mostly in London, although apparently there are many cashing in on their houses and fleeing out of the city.  Don't ask me my opinion on people who see houses as their greatest asset, for some it is a good way of amassing capital for one's retirement, for others they turn into greedy vultures, capitalising from the poor.  Whoops the American dictionary has picked me up on capitalising, no I shall not spell it with a 'z' thank you.. 

Even Purple Bricks can do it, this small cottage in the village has only had this sign up a couple of weeks

As for the young who can't even get started on the housing ladder, especially with a £50,000 university bill round their necks, I don't know the answer except that all of us should lobby the government to do something.  
Just written to the Defra ministry about ivory sale in this country, a drop in the ocean, when  these beautiful wild elephants are killed on a daily basis for material gain.  But perhaps one day there will be a slow 'turning' to right action not a bumbled attempt by some politician to excuse and continue the practise.
We had our first log fire last night, I was shivery (with relief that Matilda was alright) and it burned the logs beautifully, unfortunately the fire irons were left next to the fire, so Lucy had a good time rolling them around after midnight, not forgetting her stainless steel bowl which was dropped on the kitchen floor several times - how to wake people up when you are lonely.
What else - Chris Packham is not to be dropped by the BBC for his remarks against grouse shooting thank goodness, his voice sometimes as he reveals ' The Tweet of the Day' would be sorely missed.  The not so lucky buy of 'Bake off' (never watched it) by 'channel 4' is somewhat like shooting yourself in the foot, did they not think to get the presenters in the bag before they went off after the programme for £75,000,000? As someone said it was a bloody expensive tent they have acquired!


  1. Glad Matilda is on the mend - children are a worry aren't they?
    As to other aspects of your post - the ivory, the house prices, university grant repayments etc. I am afraid that it is all
    money these days isn't it - and it is so depressing. I am glad I am not young.

  2. Think I liked the good old days when everything wasn't so money orientated. Matilda is recovering but fretting about not using her right hand, won't be able to put make-up on when she goes to school on Thursday - Heaven forbid ;)