Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday 22nd September; The official day for Equinox

Well it is early Thursday morning, there is a fine drizzle outside, and we had a power cut in the night just as we had gone to bed.  It lasted about an hour or so, it would have been alright but Lucy panicked and knocked over the tall tower of CDs downstairs, so candles had to be found.  I lay in bed contemplating the world without electricity.  No tea or toast in the morning, and we definitely need more matches, we could probably cook on top of the wood burner but one of those expensive Agas would not come amiss, of course it has to burn fuel to be of any use.  Frugal in Derbyshire has started a thread/train of thought on the subject. Scary of course and she introduced us to a 70s drama on the subject called 'Survivors' to be found on Youtube perhaps it is best not to go there except for the bad acting and fruity accents.

What else happened yesterday, well my daughter asked me to be an executor in her will as part of the separation from her ex, so I had to go and look that one up, not a fun job, I shall hopefully never share the experience with my co-executor, Marc, her cousin, in Switzerland.

The world looks a bleak place at the moment, why does the wielding of power always end up like a game of chess, with the leaders moving the pieces on the board, and in the process the lives of thousands are wrecked.  Surely the images of toddlers their faces covered in blood would move the hardest of hearts.  Is Putin playing a terrible game in trying to destroy Europe through the suffering of others. Someone from UKIP and a few others, said they admired him, how so?

To return to the theme of survival, I don't think I will bother ;) what will be will be but we have learnt some lessons from last night, it was as black as hell outside, so torches, matches (we have plenty of candles) food that can be easily warmed up, and don't flush the loo after 48 hours because we have to pump up our sewage to the waste disposal across the road by electricity!

One thing I forgot to list, is my struggle in making a rag doll, this may be of no consequence to anyone, but I decided to make one, and then got stuck at the first stage by what I thought was an insurmountable problem, solved it, read 4 instead of 2 and then I have a moon face not a half moon face.  When Matilda was a toddler I made her three of these, as when she lost them there would be terrible shenanigans, well the finished article will be on display but don't expect much.  Also yesterday came across a 'miniature fairy house' for the miniature garden display I never entered at Marton, basically due to the fact that I could not find any of the plant 'mind your own business' or something similar, so if you want to make a fairy house (and who doesn't) go here.


  1. As to the world situation Thelma - I despair and feel like not watching the news. And yet I feel that this is a cowardly action and I therefore feel compelled to watch and despair even more.
    I hope you continue to blog every day. I need to write so blogging almost every day fulfils a need for me - and it makes me think of something, however puerile.
    It's a lovely dat here for our drive over to Kirby Lonsdale and the Italian for lunch. It's always one of my favourite days out with a much-loved friend.

    1. Enjoy your lunch, we are about to have our internet provider changed, the ladder rattles against the house, will try and blog daily for a bit but some days just float past without anything happening.

  2. Sorry about the spelling. Obviously I meant 'day'