Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday gliding into September

Life passing by quietly, says she with some relief, we did a trip a couple of days ago this time to find a stone mason but it turned out to be more of a quarry set along a dead end lane.  Very picturesque and narrow lane followed the side of a steep valley just outside  of the village  of Rosedale Abbey.

Lovely old barns

Stone masons

After that we came back via Cropton Forest, and turned off to see 
the wooden holiday homes, pretty but they were all near each other, so if you had a noisy neighbour the holiday would be spoilt. Reminds me that bilberries will be on the banks of the Roman forts in this forest soon.
Yesterday, before the rains started falling we went blackberry picking, fairly unusual for LS to come and of course as he did not put on wellingtons got his feet wet.  We used to go blackberrying in Essex one of those annual events, that time by an old mill turned into a museum.

Blackberries squidge between your fingers if they are over ripe, I had been the day before, and there had been a lot meadow brown butterflies dancing around the bushes and even a dragon fly had landed on the wire, but not yesterday they must have known about the rain which fell all day - good for the garden though.


  1. We had a very wet day in Leyburn on Saturday too.
    There is a stone masons in Leyburn - Calverts - don't know whether they would be any help - but it would mean you could call in and see us. They probably have a web site.

    1. Morning Pat we went to Travis Perkins in the end and they are delivering some paving stones tomorrow. Will one day try and make it to Leyburn, must buy a car, but a bit reluctant to start driving again.