Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday 30th September

Well back from Todmorden and the rather beautiful Calder Valley. (Calder comes from 'cold, which I do not find surprising!) The train journey back took me through the valley, steep hills on either side, mostly wooded and the river running alongside.
I did not take my camera, so have chosen a few photos from Wikipedia of the two towns I visited.  My daughter manages two charity shops, one in Hebden Bridge (very hippy town) and the other in Todmordern (home to the Incredible Edible Tormorden) both true characteristic pictures of small Northern towns
Matilda had had two days in hospital due to low blood sugar, and had to go on a drip but she was back home on Monday with tales of all that happened.  She caused quite a sensation amongst her friends,  all of whom managed with great sensibility to look after her, phoning for an ambulance and also parents.
She is not in too much pain but drags the heavy cast around with some moaning, but we went out for coffees and pizza, and a meal at Wetherspoon for all of us so we kept her amused.

Todmorden sheltered by the hills

Hebden Bridge

Rochdale Canal, Hebden Bridge

Thornton Viaduct, Bradford.
The dark millstone grit stone used for the houses, gives a slight funeral feel to the place.  They were also of course subject to the time of the industrialisation of the North, and their blackness was due to the heavy smoke laden workings of the mills, and of course the use of coal.
In all this part of West Yorkshire is very different to our flat Vale of Pickering, it is like so many places in Great Britain, a jewel caught up in working mines etc, each landscape a different jewel from the purple heather moors to the ranges of hills, nothing is the same.

Thanks to Wikipedia, and all the people who post photos on their for the use of others.


  1. I love these West Yorkshire towns Thelma - they are so full of character aren't they?
    Really came over to say how pleased I am to hear that you feel the same about the Romany tradition as I do. I am sad to say that. as usual, it is the few that get the majority a bad name.

  2. Yes the towns are quite extraordinary Pat, been in bed all today, a real humdinger of a migraine attack knocked me for six, I expect it was worrying about the family ;) I loved the train trip back the countryside was so glorious.