Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday 20th Sept.

I shall start with a video of Buseok Temple in Korea, basically it has a calming effect on the world of thought, though I really like the rain within this temple, it reminds us that religion is not all bad.  Why do I pick this today, could it be that Lucy is prowling around in an agitated frame of of mind, something has got to her and she is not happy.  Not like this photo I took the other day, LS occasionally calls her a Zen Buddhist dog and she fits the picture perfectly with her cushion in front and eyes closed worshipping the sun!

This morning  we wake up to more dreadful news as the humanitarian trucks for Aleppo were bombed yesterday; spitefulness for the Syrian troops 'accidentally' killed the other day? when and how does it stop - end of ceasefire of course.
Also on a lesser note they (Labour party) are out to get Jeremy Corbyn by shifting the rules around a bit, can they not see their foolishness.  Why not actually ask why Corbyn has suddenly got a large vote from the public and act on that instead....
Well how did my vegetable garden go this summer, all my tomatoes, and there are a lot of them are still green, the red chard did well, not sure how to use it though, except in my omelette recipes.  Runner beans have done well, as has courgettes in pots but not the butternut plant, and the first cucumber was bitter....

elegant leaves

won this little seeded pot at a raffle

I love pansies, and there are such elegant colours, though these are violas

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  1. Seeing those green tomatoes reminds me that my mother used to make the most wonderful green tomato chutney with any tomatoes in our garden which didn't ripen.
    Could you put your chard omelette recipe on your post one day please? It sounds really interesting.