Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rabbits in the church yard this morning

'Hello darlin are you a local?'  One of the things walking the dog is that people pull up and ask questions about the name of houses in the village or the way to somewhere.  We had someone sitting furiously in the garden over the weekend because he could not find Eden Camp, though he had been searching for a couple of hours.
So those two middle aged (southerners?) cyclists that pulled up this morning to ask me the way to Amotherby was no surprise, and I did manage to look up the name of this strange place, 

Amotherby;  The village appears in the Domesday Book as 'Aimundrebi' which is derived from 'Eymund's farm

Funnily enough we had been the night before to get a Chinese takeaway, which was very good and was bought to celebrate LS's anniversary of 50 years when he first touched down in Japan.  A young lad with hardly any money and about three words of Japanese, luckily he was taken by a couple of Japanese policemen (no English) to a hostel from where in a couple of days he made his way to Kyoto.

Strange Anglo-Scandinavian words reminds me that I typed out some other words in Office, can I upload here?  The answer is no until I learn how to manipulate PDFs...


  1. We are a bit too remote from the village to get people stopping and asking directions - luckily as I am an incomer and don't always know the answer.
    Love the rabbits in the churchyard - there are a great many this year - they are even mowing our side lawn for us, much to Tess's annoyance.

  2. Lots of grumbling about getting the guns out by gardeners in the village to solve the rabbit explosion, it is good to see them healthy and not suffering from that rabbit diseas..

  3. When someone asks me for direction in our village I feel like a local...Having lived here for 28years. Love the rabbits...

  4. Morning Ana, we are hardly locals yet but we do have a long map of the house names in the village. Sorry to hear about your ankle, lots of rest and spoiling by your family will help ;) No more walks with Paula for a time though, lovely area you live in.