Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday 26th August

When we at the North Yorks Moor Centre the other day we saw the above print by the artist John Brunsdon, it is of Sutton Bank or Roulston Scar and if you have climbed the steep hill by car to the top you will see the significance of the little red car in the print.  We had come this way on our way back with Lucy from the Blue Cross centre when we first acquired her, and had stopped to eat a sandwich at the top, in which she joined rather shyly.  The print was delivered to us the next day by a National Trust lady who happened to pass our house on the way home to Malton, so if I am ever snidey about the NT, I must remember her kind act!
At the top of Sutton Bank is one of the largest Iron Age forts in the country, though evidence of settlement is sparse, you can read Brigantes Nation here for information on the fort.  The Modern Antiquarian also has some interesting folklore by Rhiannon and others.
Lots of links there for myself but we are pleased with the print and I maybe will buy another one in the future.

Spotted on the sycamore outside the gate, bracket fungi, well over 18 inches across by 12 inches.


  1. Yes Thelma, Sutton Bank is some climb isn't it? (I can't see the red car by the way).
    Did you get a look at Lake Gormire, which lies at the foot of Sutton Bank? Many years ago they used to breed leeches in Lake Gormire and then transport them to the Leech House in Bedale by the side of the beck (which is the same beck which flows through our fields.)
    The whole area around Sutton Bank is interesting isn't it?

  2. Leeches for some reason terrify me, I have only ever had one on my hand but they were part of the 'natural' medicine of its time, along with maggots of course. No I haven't been to the lake, would like to go one day, won't put my hand in though!

    1. The car is in the left hand corner.

  3. How kind to get a namecheck on your blog, Thelma. I came by to get a dose of calmness and sense. I always find what you write very grounding and reassuring! It's a lovely print isn't it, a great sense of distance, most inspiring. Also I recognise your mushroom! as we have a very similar one on an enormous ash stump here. Some wretch usually kicks it off. Yes autumn is on the way. I do like autumn. But I hadn't quite had enough of summer yet. Hey ho. Keep blogging, it is always lovely to read about your exploits and thoughts.

  4. Hi Rhiannon, well you are the greatest folklorist on TMA;) Thank you for the kind words, I basically ramble and it calms the mind typing something out, occasionally I feel a bit of an idiot. We are pleased with the print, it is very tranquil and representative of the area round Sutton Bank. Moving to Yorkshire has been life affirming, Paul loves it, and the countryside is beautiful. X