Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, Which is a Bank Holiday of course

As August draws to a finish, Autumn is slowly stepping in.  Fine cobwebs in the grass early morning, brown edged leaves on the trees, the harvest of the garden, and sadly the drawing in of the nights.  But most beautiful of all is the mist that rises from the fields early morning.

Yesterday a friend in the village, bought a carrier bag of apples, onions and beans for some eggs, D had been painting outside doors for us, and his wife is an excellent gardener who won many prizes at the village show in Marton on Saturday.  It has made me think about what fruit trees to put in the garden, plums of course and a pear tree but apples seem to be going free round here.

The 'drama queen' has given us a couple of sleepless nights, what spooks her goodness knows, but to be honest I think she has a low pain tolerance. So wind or indigestion for that night of slamming doors!  And as for the walk yesterday, when but a few yards from home she must have stepped on something, causing her to run riot in the garden, did she get stung by a nettle?

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