Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Well I have just bought a mobile phone, nothing particularly interesting in that, but I hate phones.  They demand attention and mobiles to me look very complicated.  I have always had a simple one but it has not worked here, and with LS's 'threat' that if I intended buying a car and going off alone then I would have to have a mobile to keep in touch.
So I perused Vodaphone, the only phone that works out here, ordered one, and it arrived the next day. The carrier had this marvellous tracking system, I was the 92 call of the day and he arrived with in the specified hour, so drones can you provide such services?
LS has just written a short article on his favourite building which happens to be the coke house next door, I quite like the gentle faded blue of the small hatch door, it is a very 'in' colour in today's sophisticated design circles ;).  Pat may be pleased to learn that I get The Times more and more these days, got the Sunday bundle basically to see why Theresa May pulled out of the Hinkley deal, of course it was the Chinese, she had not been too happy about it from the beginning, but whether it will still go through is up in the air.
For me there is something gathering in the air, we are distracted by terrorist attacks, the media follows all sort of junk news, but something is circling out there that I cannot put my finger on.  I talk of the general daily affairs of the life I lead to distract myself from thinking dark thoughts.

Paul Nash photographic sale; courtesy of Digging Deeper blog.

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