Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday 14th August

Our Sunday walk mooching along, the gold of straw in the distance.  I hate to say it but this is the slow decline of summer, I check on the blackberries, still green.  The river is so low I notice old stakes round a tree, the depth is probably down to a couple of feet, in winter it can rise to 13 foot.
Lucy has a spurt of speed, it is a game she plays with me, a biscuit at the end.  She has also found the dead mole again, though I threw it into the undergrowth the other day.  What do you do with a dead mole?  Roll in it of course, refreshes the smell other things can't ;)
The last three photos show the river bank overcrowded with willows, Himalayan Balsam and that giant rhubarb leaf that invades the banks of the rivers.  Of course the other plant that adds its tangle to of the hedgerow is the bindweed, must look it up. 
The English farming scene is beautiful, one can never take it away but there are rants in the air about the political scene, so let me introduce you to the Artistic Taxi Driver defending Jeremy Corbyn.....


  1. I am so pleased that you enjoy your country walks so much; we are being blessed with good weather at present aren't we? I think we had better make the most of it because, like you, I always think by this time in the month we are well into the tail end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn.

  2. First signs this morning, mistiness and fine spider webs in the grass but the weather is lovely, especially for cleaning out the chicken coop thoroughly!

  3. Why must even the nicest of dogs roll in smelly stuff? A rhetorical question--just something they DO!

    1. Exactly! She is quite a madam in her own quiet way, waking us up several times in the night...