Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday 1st August

Two incidents happened over the weekend, and I am not sure why I reacted in one way to one of them.  The first happened on our walk Lucy and I set off to go across the fields, to do this we must make our way over the bridge at the far end of the village.  It is a typical hump bridge, bending sharply to the left as you go over it.  Two cars can pass on it albeit slowly, so as we approached the bridge this fine Saturday morning, two cars went rushing by, far too fast, and I heard a bang on the other side.  Fearing the worst and after slowing a car down, we went over, the fast two cars had pulled up by the side, there was a third on the other verge, all its airbags blown up, skewed round but which had obviously been coming the other way.  The first car on my side had two young women and toddlers which they were holding, the two young men behind were alright, and the people over the road were already phoning for police and ambulance (one of the men felt groggy) and taking details.  I was angry at the young women for putting their children lives so carelessly at such risk, feel very guilty about this crossness, but only said you were all going far too fast.  
We have problems in the village, as many villages do, of people driving too fast through it, though we have great 30 mile signs painted on the road, our friends J and D wave their fists at them but it is an ongoing problem, not helped by narrow country lanes.
The other incident, we have Lucy to thank for this, though I might have been the instigator by giving her different food, well I have learnt my lesson on that one.  She got stomach ache or probably a mild case of wind, which in turn winds her up so that she becomes a nervous wreck! Not kidding, so she paces around and becomes particularly active in the night banging doors shut and wandering round a bit like Lady Macbeth.  Well after the umpteenth time I had let her out of the room she had locked herself in, we fell asleep, and during the depth of the night she shut the door of LS's study and found behind the door a 3 x 2 feet piece of expanded polystyrene, which she scratched into a million tiny balls, when I opened the doors the carpet was a terrible mess, she managed to pull the heavy wooden and pottery dishes to the floor, this dog is something else!  Early next morning two hours of carefully sweeping those wretched microbeads and then LS vacuuming finally cleared the place, but if that is what it does to one room think what plastic is doing in the sea.....
She slept peacefully last night, as we all did but no tinned Butcher's meat for her, back to chicken cooked as she likes it, and always a supply in the house..

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