Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday - post-world

In the end one can only see the funny side of it as one chews on the horror of it all.  Narcissism and Nationalism trumps the day.


  1. I must say Thelma that I didn't intend to watch the Inauguration but found it quite compelling, particularly the grace and dignity of the Obamas. But the whole thing is really a dangerous farce isn't it.

  2. We didn't either but fascinated horror led us on, then Trump opened his mouth and I thought poor Americans what have they let themselves in for? One strange thing kept going through my head, the Queen does it so much better;) I know we have stables of lovely horses, gold carriages and tiaras to die for, but our Guards of Honour do not waggle their guns around. He is sheer horror and stupid to boot.....

  3. I just feel sorry for any beautiful woman who gets the Trump "handshake" . . . I hope he meets a pack of rabid old-school feminists . . .

    1. And now he is arguing that'millions' were at the Inauguration ceremony, when photos show there were not...