Saturday, January 14, 2017


Could we see your passport sir. This is the United Fields of Donkey Land (UFDL) and although we allow the free movement of animals (including humans) throughout the UFDL, a small contribution to our carrot coffers would be appreciated.

LS sent it me last night, the donkeys live in the village of Minions in Cornwall by the way, not too far away from our friend Sanctuary, and sadly we did not have any carrots....

Just a video against fracking from my favourite singers, who are definitely getting older but still bounce to a veritable anti-fracking song in Sussex.... If you want more go to 'Seize the Day'
but for 'Frakka Hakka try....


  1. Would that be classed as bribery getting through passport control?

  2. 1probsbly, donkeys are very sweet, would not mind owning a field or two to keep a couple...

    1. Too early in the morning for my fingers to spell properly ;)