Sunday, January 29, 2017


Sunday morning, no rain by the sound of it,  Lucy has her bandage and head collar taken off yesterday and although she licks her paw seems happier for her freedom.  For me, no dog to walk still as she must heal the wound from the operation.
Books arrived yesterday delivered by our smiling postman, did take a photo of the books but my computer refuses to upload them, four of them are Ann Cleese 'Shetland' books and a Rickman one called 'The Magus of Hay' who I believe was the self styled 'king' of Hay-on-Wye - Richard Booth, it is a bit of a stunt really.
My mind is always planning to do something I want to go to the Rudston Monolith at some stage, think it is only about 30 miles down the road, I just love the juxtaposition of the largest monolith in England (28 feet) with a church, a wiki photo coming up..

"The place-name 'Rudston' is first attested in the Domesday Book of 1086, and means 'rood' or 'cross' stone, referring to the monolith. However, the name 'rud' derives from Old Norse ruð, meaning a clearing or pasture. So the place name could be stone in the clearing, Ruðstane. Nearby Howes of Duggleby and Ba'l (In Ugaritic mythology Baal is the lord of the storm; he bears a mace where Thor will grasp a hammer) also indicate Norse Viking place names rather than Anglo-Saxon origins."

We had a friend from the village come for coffee on Friday and to discuss her recent visit to Cyprus with her daughter over Xmas.  She had had a good time but mentioned that whilst wandering around a town, a car had pulled up beside her daughter and the man inside started a chat up line, 'hey I am looking for wife, etc, etc'  daughter after a couple of sharp words marched off, but it was unnerving for them.  Now I don't normally talk feminism and misogyny, they are those things the papers are better at.  But with Trump in office, that which is always been there has never really gone away.  Foolishly in the 60s when I asked as a  21st birthday present for a holiday in Greece, little did I know about leering men ;) but stoically, and by myself, because my friends could not afford the trip I visited the sites and ignored unwanted attention but it was pretty scary at the time..

And is it not marvellous in the clamour in the world Trump has started to meet solid opposition on many sides, the word RESIST is starting to work.  Full marks to Laura Kuenssberg questioning at the press conference, and clever Theresa for probably putting her up to it, I mean who invited Laura to ask the embarassing questions in the first place?

Laura Kuenssberg. There is steel in those eyes
What I have forgotten to state is that Laura Kuenssberg is the political editor of the BBC, which sadly does not always cover international news as it actually comes out.

 My favourite photo yesterday was Trump holding Theresa May's hand, the wolf leading the damsel to a fate unknown? don't think so..



  1. I think Theresa may live to regret rushing to visit Trump.The photograph of them holding hands may rebound on her yet!

    1. Yes it was unfortunate, both the need to be first in the queue, as for holding hands, can't imagine she wanted to but a brave smile for the camera.

  2. Looks like she is holding his hand...awkwardly. I am so hoping this circus (not the Brit whose name was misspelled no less than 3 times on the White House news page) leaves town before the tent burns down.

  3. Well things are beginning to move and he is definitely getting hassle from a lot of people, I don't know how you remove him, impeachment for lying?. He has caused quite a stir in this country about letting Muslim people into America, but we have a large Muslim community with people in government and various offices of state. Yes we all hope the tent burns down ;)

  4. I agree Thelma. I think our Theresa is one tough cookie and can more than hold her own with DJT.

    I webt to Rudston some years ago. Very impressive. On the same journey we also went to (I think) Garton in the Wold where there wall paintings in the church were interesting.

  5. Thamks for that Pat will look up Garton. Must admit though that Theresa sometimes looks nervous.