Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday and truly into spring

Mostly photos...

tulips I grew in pots, love the cool green white look!

Latest knitting, 4 ply alpaca

pretty patchwork material

Lucy who chases the sun's rays every day

Glorious blue skies

There are good things and sad things happening as spring turns the corner.  Yesterday I saw a rabbit with what looks like Myxomatosis, it sat on the side of the road with eyes shut not moving.  I also had to haul a large badger off the road that had been killed by a car. Think it was a sow badger and pregnant sadly.  But the sun shines, crisp mornings, frosted grass and gentle mists lying over the fields.  Other rabbits frolic in the sun by the river so not all is bad.


  1. We have blue skies and sunshine today too. I would like to get out in the garden but I'm still cooking and tidying up as Tam and Zane arrive later (along with Yorkshire Cat, as there is no-one at home to feed her!)

    I'm not surprised Myxy is still about, but what a horrid way to die.

    I hope you both and Lucy are enjoying the weather : )

    1. Hope the cat stays safe with your small tribe. Yes we all went for a walk yesterday to visit one small wall of a castle in Kirkbymoorside yesterday, wandered along an old stone lane that must have been in use for centuries.

  2. It's so difficult to see nature in distress. I always say I don't want to come back as an animal lover the next time. It's too sad. I love the spring but I don't look forward to the wildlife that doesn't make it until summer. : ( Happy Mothers' Day to you!! xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Nature is of course cruel, fast cars, slow badgers are a sad casualty of the roads. One thing I think is happening in the world is that people everywhere are beginning to realise that animals are sentinent creatures. Whether in China or Thailand the eating of dogs, or at least the keeping of dogs in terrible circumstances is being questioned. The use of elephants for tourists rides, and the terrible practice of taking bile from the moon bears, such issues are being addressed. And a belated Happy Mother's Day to you to.

  3. This season is always the one of hope no matter how dark the days before. I love that fabric. What are you going to make of it?

  4. Not sure, could be a table runner, I bought two colourways, the other is pink, but that needs an apple green background.