Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday - sometimes life is too short to take in everything!

Daffodils are not for eating Mr.Pheasant!

First violets

A quick flip through my f/b profile, and all I see is THAT man.  A worryingly frightening creature, who apparently upset the Irish, Mrs. Merkel (not shaking her hand) and our country by accusing us of spying on him - as if?  That was yesterday.  You would think in our larger than life world there was other news, but baiting Trump is the game, everyone says he is on the way out but when?  

One other thing I noticed in the news, or at least on Twitter, is that Laura Keunssberg was pulled up by Jon Snow for calling the latest scandal of Tory expenses during the election as a 'mistake' when it is a police matter and therefore criminal, all of course to do with the 'tame poodle' of the BBC who are running scared of the Tories.  As I like both political journalists for their outspoken journalism that was a shame.  I see in today's news that the BBC is outsourcing it's religious content, which in actual fact might be interesting, will we have humanists, atheists and agnostics also having their three minutes every morning?

Something for the weekend reading; Temple of the Celts  a glorious walk into an inner sanctum of Scottish wilderness to look on the strange small temple of seven small stones, (originally twelve of them), in the valley of the Cailleach, the Tigh nam Bodach secretly abides in the fastness of an empty landscape.  It is a mythological story that excites the imagination, for there is no answer as to how this little stone house with it's occupants ended up here, but the photographs show their remoteness.

"The Cailleach is, in the Highland tradition, the queen of the winter and the ruler of the wild places. She is described as a hideous old woman with one eye, whose skin is blue from the cold, and who wears a great hooded cloak wrapped around her body. She is the archetype of the witch; the potent, female magical force that lies beyond the edge of civilisation, drawing its power from capricious heathen energies. The deer are considered to be her cattle; down into recent centuries it was the custom of hunters to offer her a portion of the venison they caught in exchange for her assistance on future forays. She dwells on the summits of certain particularly high mountains, where the winter never really ends; "
William A Young - Feralwords blog.

There is one more thing to listen to as well, haven't done it yet, but Mary Beard's - Woman in Power, over an hour of talking but  just taken note of.......

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