Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday 7th August

Well this is an update for Weaver of Grass on how my ankle is progressing.  The plaster got taken off last Thursday, and I was issued with an enormous grey boot, could come in useful when I am plodding around outside a  spaceship! But over time will find myself a stick, can't be doing with a crutch, to take the weight of that side.  It is a problem though  especially if you are trying to cook something, not only are you one legged but also one armed but slowly things are getting better.  My Strider can zip along on the surface of the kitchen, but will hardly tackle the lawn or gravel,  it is really meant for urban living.  Also, tend to run over my own toes when reversing.

Lucy though well meaning often gets in the way, especially with her litter of toy, trailing my slip this morning downstairs, Paul says she is only getting things for you, unfortunately she never gives them!
Paul has just been to the top of the village, and stood in a terrible rainstorm with someone discussing the cleaning up of one of our green lanes and public footpaths which they are going to tackle next friday.  There has been meetings about drawing the village into a discussion group, either via the internet or leaflet, not sure how it is going to work out.  They may find some opposition to clearing the public footpath as it goes between two houses and we suspect they would rather see the footpath forgotten.  Wiki entry on rights of public footpaths/green lanes.


  1. Well you are on the road to recovery - all I can say is gently does it Thelma. Take care.

  2. I am going to be careful over these three months Pat that is for sure ;) Thanks

  3. We have cats that are devoted to trailing me up and down stairs--I can't imagine trying to maneuver amongst them while managing a 'moon boot' or cane. This has to be a tedious time for you with endless hours to read or do needlework less appealing when enforced.
    I do hope you'll be able to venture outdoors before winter sets in--autumn is such a lovely time to walk in the country.

  4. So do I Sharon, really missing my walks. Lazy Lucy is not, quite happy to snooze on the sofa most of the day.