Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday and a drive 21/8/2017

genius loci" - the distinctive atmosphere or essence of a particular place; the guardian spirit of a site/landscape.

We all know what that means, it takes our breath at the odd moment as we contemplate a particular place. I could say now that it resides in the copse of trees at the back of our garden. The blustery wind is blowing the trees back and forward, life and movement, when the sun comes out the play of shadow leaves on the lawn add to the vibrancy.
But yesterday we went for a drive to see the heather out on the moors, the day was dull and so it was not at its full purple glory. But captured is the great feeling of space and the beautiful skies that embrace the moors. First the old steam train pulling out of Pickering.

On and off the moors we have to open and shut the sheep gates and this is the view from them. along this unkempt lane are rowan trees, they grow wild up on the moor, especially by Wheeldale beck. It was here in the spring of 2016 that we saw about 10 baby black grouse cross the road with their mother, scurrying to the wall for protection.

There are a lot of tourists about, driving back through Goathland, home of the television programme 'Heartbeat' and the cars lined the road with hundreds of people wandering around, so different to the winter season.


  1. Yes Thelma, the heather is out here in The Dales too - it is such a short flowering season and I always feel we need to see it as much as possible. Yesterday it was at its height and a beautiful sight to behold.
    Nice picture of grouse babies. I have only once seen babies with their mother and they were following her across the road in single file. I always look at them with some sadness as many of them will be shot for the pot - and really there is only a mouthful or two on them (and I understand from someone who eats grouse that it tastes mainly of heather!).

    1. I get angry at this annual shoot, for it means that other birds have been shot by the gamekeepers to stop them predating on the grouse, so we lose all our beautiful large birds such as the buzzard, kestrel nd I believe even the golden eagle.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes the moors are beautiful, the only animal you will see is of course the ubiquitous sheep.