Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday, 3rd August

Just a short note, hospital visit soon in which I hope this plaster will be taken off.  The windows are rain spattered but the sun is coming through.  My daughter in Switzerland, complained of 33 degrees heat and no water at their flat.  They have been sightseeing on trains and went to Gruyere yesterday, taking a similar photo of all my grandchildren posed against a fountain.  It is the same one I took 40 odd years ago of myself, my daughter as a child, and her grandfather, must find it too compare!

My photo records that moment in history as a young widow, struggling to come to terms with the future and my in-laws turning into my own family and helping through this difficult time.  My daughters memories all come through long holidays in Switzerland.


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    1. And how the town has hardly changed, whereas our human life goes on...

  2. It must have touched you so when you saw the picture of your grandchildren in a place that you traveled 40 years ago.

    1. Yes you are quite right, a lump in my throat, to see them all smiling for this deliberately posed photo.

  3. Ah yes memories Thelma - they help us through difficult times don't they?
    Hope your plaster is off by the time you read this. Go carefully though.

  4. Yes Pat, no plaster just one of those great boots for walking around in;) my foot has still to heal but it becomes frustrating hopping around.