Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rambling as usual

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, was the only thing that made me laugh yesterday.  We all know to whom it is aimed at, and as we teeter on the edge of something that may develop into something really frightening, I can only ask  why do we allow idiots into leading roles.  
Interesting long article in the Guardian on 'clean eating'.  Gluten free diet seems to be the current fad at the moment, it suddenly appears on the shelves as some miracle cure.  I have nothing against eating loads of vegetables and fruit, love vegetables but would not drink juiced raw vegetables, especially as I read in the article that you can turn orange from carrots or sweet potatoes from over consumption.  Yet to counteract this, television news was about children not eating properly through the long summer holiday, did they eat any better in school time?.  
Poverty today, as we had been discussing with friends, is different to the poverty of the 1950s, though I am sure the same set of difficulties were faced.  It is extraordinary in a rich country with supermarket shelves packed with stuff, that families find it difficult to budget their income but it is a fact.  Rent, rates and energy take up a lot of the money, scarce money for food is what is leftover. We now have foodbanks to fill a gap, some schools do breakfast for the children during the holiday, but  three good meals a day are somewhat lacking in some children's lives.  That is shocking. Especially as we can follow quite freely all these people who advocate healthy eating on social media when poor children do not have access to the carbohydrates and protein these people are dismissing with such scorn.
Enough.  Paul and two others cleared the green bridle path yesterday but the public footpath is under debate, someone did raise an objection to people going past their house, but general consensus says, okay we will not put back the signage on this but it should be cleared and local people allowed to walk the circular path.
I noticed out in the car yesterday that though the meadowsweet is dying off, there are still traces of the blue of cranesbill in the verges and of course Himalayan balsam lines the banks with its showy flowers.  But Autumn is creeping in, mornings and evenings are colder, and even the weather forecaster said yesterday, he didn't know where our summer had gone.


  1. I volunteer at a food bank and am overwhelmed by the generosity of people and how they care about their neighbors who are going through difficult times. With all the horrible news and horrible people who are in the news, I find such joy in the goodness of everyday people. We feed thousands every year, and our pantries are never empty. We even have a non-gluten section.

  2. Well that is very good of you. They feature quite a lot on the news, mostly because the number of people using them are increasing. One of the charities is the Trussell Trust.

  3. I think early Autumns are the price we pay for living in the North Thelma. It is quite chilly here tonight - I am hoping to stay up long enough to see a few meteors but shall watch from inside.

    1. Well though I am up in the night with Lucy, have not seen any of the Universes display... Autumn of course is a beautiful season, watching the butterflies sun themselves on the church wall, and I feel sorry for their short lives.