Tuesday, October 19, 2021

19th October 2021

Don't be downhearted, be optimistic. look forward to the next generation fighting for Earth's survival.  Yes I watched 'Earthshot' last night.   As the winners took their prizes of a million pounds to fund their work, I was happy at the positive attitude of the young, sad for those who did not win but the creative spark is still there in the human race.  So may the corals rise once more to grace our seas, may the forests be replanted, and may we all stop using plastic and bloody well think about our response to Climate Change and how we can help.

The change will be massive, today the government talks of £5000 grants towards heat pumps, though of course, as always there is a lot of controversy around them, they are very expensive for a start.  I watch the chatter on 'zero waste' as people try to come to terms with what they are actually using and the source of all the materials used just to make the ordinary items we use every day.  Most stuff that comes into this house is environmentally thought about but it would be good to see everything sourced ethically.

 It is somewhat ironic having watched greens working out how to reduce their footprint on the planet for years, to see that we have now been brought to the edge of the cliff and asked to look down at the mess we have created of this planet.  Greed may lie at the back of it, but now of course annihilation comes forward to haunt us and the need for future generations to have a place to live in. We must be confident that they will win and not the idiots like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson who **** the world up with outward reaching ideas to other planets because they have dirtied up this planet.  End of rant ;)


  1. I agree Thelma. It has to be the next generation but David Attenborough was right in his speech when he said it can be done. As to heat pumps - listening to an item on Breakfast this morning - a grant of £5000 still puts them out of the range of most people. And then listening to passers by talking about the rubbish which has built up over a strike in some town somewhere the mixed responses were pretty depressing - we are by no means there yet are we.

  2. No we aren't there but the young have the stage at the moment, we have to back them up Pat.

  3. Spot on, Thelma. And we should be paying attention; the young will be making the laws soon.

  4. Hi Joanne, yes I think the young will eventually change the course of the future and we should have faith in them.


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