Saturday, October 23, 2021

23rd October 2021

Blissful ignorance

I am to be left alone this weekend, everyone departed this morning, my daughter to stay with friends and Lillie to do her Duke of Edinburgh award.  6 girls trekking for 6 hours across the moors of Yorkshire.  She has bought her tiny packets of cereals for breakfast, the word is she must eat solidly these two days, such as pork pies to keep up her strength.  I on the other hand have been left with Teddy the whippet who managed to get Coco Krisps out of the cupboard yesterday,  stuffed most of them and has now left his diarrhoea mark in the hallway!.. Wasn't it good granny came to stay?  Forgive the bitterness;)

To return to Sue's post of yesterday, in which a great number of people replied.  What it does say is that we have it good in this country, if we are a certain age and have enough money in the bank to nurse us till death.  But sadly the young have... as we had when younger... a difficult time in getting on the ladder of life.  The pandemic has been handled fairly, people complain about lack of face to face with doctors and of course the cancellation of many operations due to it but unfortunately we can't magic more doctors and nurses out of the ether.

Climatic change is taking place, there can be no argument there, we see it all over the world, our troubles are small compared to islands that sink beneath rising tides, countries that experience 45 degrees heat.  Basically we can nag our government to take more actions, which we must, but it also depends on individual responses as well.  Nagging is boring, gluing one hands to motorways is painful, we limp along as always waiting for some divine hand to retrieve the problem.  But in all truth we shall (probably not) live through the worst of it.  It is just part of being human.

So what is local news, a pretty little black cocker spaniel is lost up by Stoodley Pike monument.  The children from my granddaughter's school were approached by anti-vaccine couple in the park.  Surprise, surprise the children want the vaccine and tore the leaflets up, the heresy has spread from Hebden Bridge.  It reminds me of the Chartists preaching their wares as well.  Dissenters unite!

And sadly the market is not doing as well as expected, could be that the roadworks are not helping, when you have  one road leading through narrow valleys, congestion becomes endemic.  Flying taxis anyone?

Someone said yesterday look up to the trees when you find the valley too narrow.



  1. Teddy the Whippet can't speak so I suspect his apparent "accident" was a statement about the Johnson cabinet's failure to do the right things with regard to rising COVID infections and their future impact upon the NHS. Our Tories have been acting like American Republicans - maskless and trying their best to ignore the ongoing pandemic - as if it was over. Maintaining social distancing and mask instructions could have reduced the current infections trajectory. The scientists tell us this. I thought that Johnson and his cronies were meant to be following The Science? Clearly not. As I can speak, I won't be doing a Teddy on our hallway carpet.

    1. I saw that parliament photo of all the politicians shoulder to shoulder with not one mask between them. Do as I say not what I do, such a lovely example of our government. Here are our young teenagers wanting us all vaccinated and politicians are swanning round, no social distancing and no masks. Sheer contempt of the people.

  2. Our granddaughter is doing D of E in the Peak District this weekend.At least it is not raining!It seems to be really tough.Good on them!

  3. I shall have to knit some gloves as well, apart from the enormous backpack they carry, no gloves this morning. But let us hope they make it safely.

  4. A nice new angle for us American's to see that the world is not perfect anywhere. Oh lordy, save us from the anti-science group. I hope everything cheers up over on your side. We are working on that over here.

  5. Well I wish the weather would cheer up Tabor. We have several words for this dark dampness. Fretting, mizzling, murk, and drizzling. I notice I only have to write something and the government are doing something next day;) Our Home Secretary is puffing and getting cross about anti-vaccine people.

  6. I had forgotten the Scottish word for wretched weather 'dreich' which sounds about right.


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