Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moulsham Mill

Moulsham Mill today as a craft centre

Old photo of Moulsham Mill

Walking back from Chelmsford the other day, via the river path, I took a photo of Moulsham Mill, a profitable flour mill owned by the Marriage family for many years, now of course its a craft centre but its shape has'nt changed much from the much older photo.

A small inlet into the river, with the main road bridge over the water meadows, following the river under the road would have brought me to Barnes Mill, the farmhouse and mill also once owned by the Marriage family - they seemed to have owned many of the mills along this stretch of the river.


  1. Have so enjoyed my visit to your blog - thoroughly self-indulgently wallowing in nostalgia, plus poetry and some gorgeous photos: thank you, and greetings from France.

  2. Thank you for that, I seem to have a need to wander and record, my history facts sometimes boring but England spills over with history - its such a 'lived in' country.
    And greetings back to France which of course is also very beautiful

  3. Please don't think any of the history is boring: I for one can't get enough of it! And I share your desire to 'wander and record' (beautifully-put, BTW).

  4. Hello Thelma, I can't belive your blog is for real as by an amazing chance I come across it. My sister's thatcher show me a Railway poster of Moulsham Mill where my sister and I grew up. We had never seen the picture before, so I was surfing the internet to find out more about the artist who had painted it. Then I came across your blog and not only do you have a picture of the mill, but you spend a great deal of time in Whitby, north Yorkshire the best place on earth. It's wonderful and so is your blog. Thank you for sharing. By for now.