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Sunday, July 25, 2010


tomato plants producing well, tied loosely to a drainpipe and no feeding to date with a tomato fertiliser!

This lily wafts scent through the day, and a reminder to buy more lily bulbs next year

Weaving at last, though warping makes me incredibly sick, must be the intense concentration I put into it. I started this small project off for my granddaughter to see, she has the craft bug as well.

Fairstead church, this is one of the old posts of the porch, and it reminded me of the Saxon wooden Greensted church, when the wood seems to turn to stone, a lovely fissured surface.
Tomorrow there will be a full moon, I have watched each night this week the moon coming to its full glory, it is low in the sky and reminds me that the great harvest moon of September will soon be with us. Normally I go to an old Gaelic poem for the moon 'Welcome, precious stone of the night'
but today chose something from Emily Bronte..

I gazed upon the cloudless moon
And loved her all the night
Till morning came and radiant noon,
And I forgot her light -

Emily Bronte

In the Viking Sagas both the moon and the sun ride across the skies in chariots driven by two children and are pulled by magnifient horses. These two children had been punished by the gods, or at least their father had for considering them equal in beauty to the sun and moon. The girl Sun and her horses were protected from the fierce light of the sun by an indestructable shield called Svalin or Iron cool.
The boy Moon on the other hand had to kidnap two more children from earth, a little boy Bil, and his sister Yuki, and they are called the children in the moon, and it is they who make the moon wax and wane......

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