Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Colour;  I have not done much spinning or dyeing lately, though had some wool to be dyed, well a scant teaspoon of purple dye produced the middle picture yesterday, though it looks more blue.  Three dips into the dye bath produced three shades, the almost washed out blue was the last remaining.  Purple is Lillie's favourite colour, she will take anything knitted in purple.  My dyeing is slightly slapdash, the dye is mixed with white vinegar for mordanting and cream of tartar for keeping the wool soft, this being bluefaced leicester which is soft anyway. The pale pink of the foxglove, speckled inside is not a favourite though with the sun making the petals transparent, its beauty  is evident.
As for the bottom photo this was bought 'rainbow' wool which produced a children's shoulder cape - good for dressing up in....


  1. What gorgeous colours you got - I love the darkest one best.

    The children's cape is a bit like a neck warmer which Tam knitted up - it was on my blog a couple of years ago I think - soft sagey green colour.

    Ah spinning - I still have the wheel and all the accoutrements, but life is so much in the way and a trip to the spinning group is 100 miles round trip, so I can't justify the expense of the fuel . . .

  2. Well if you can't you must learn to spin, it is very soothing, shame I don't live nearer could teach you to spin, though being left handed it takes me a long time to work out how right handed people work!