Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't diss this miss

Hi Dollydiamond/Matilda,

 Thought it might be you, the emphasis on fashion gives it away ;) this photo below which you christened 'we are three generations' gives an insight to your determined nature,  I expect you have been back to this pretty garden centre by the river and had tea again.
Paul was most impressed by your blog name, especially as he has always liked the 'Boudicca' name we all call you when you flounce!  Boudicca of course went down the A12 only a couple of miles away from us, when she went to destroy the roman towns of London and Colchester, she is Paul's favourite heroine. Your mum used to call you Flossie when you were young, which has a nice soft sibilance to it, but the name Matilda also has a history.  She was the first queen to rule England albeit only for a few months in the 11th century.  A great fighter for her right to the throne (she was also an empress) but lost the plot by demanding high taxes from her people.
Anyway keep on blogging, and I will find some more photos for you.
Love Granny X

p.s. try this pinboard site on which you can pin things of interest, and what about writing about some of the books you read....

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