Monday, June 4, 2012

Something to share

I was not going to say anything about the Diamond Jubilee not really being a republican or a royalist but watched it on tv with the occasional tear in my eye for its beautiful tribute to the Queen.  My thoughts for her on that cold trip was please can someone give her a hot cup of tea, or at least a hot water bottle she looked cold towards the end.  The two ships that stood out were the 'bell' ship with its bells pealing out answered in greeting by the churches on land, and the Spirit of Chartwell  which sailed gloriously regale in red colourings and piled with flowers.

 But this morning a friend in America had sent me this Jacquie Lawson card which made me laugh.  Firstly for the dogs, secondly it reminded me of the time we went with the grandchildren, Matilda being so brave stood next to the soldiers and Lillie taking fright at the changing of the guards and leapt into my lap out of sheer terror as the soldiers marched by with grim faces.

For all those brave people who stood in the unseasonally cold weather and those rowers who rowed against the tide it was a marvellous spectacle, everyone on the boats seemed to love it, and perhaps what was more important it was a family occasion celebrated by the country for a Queen who has stood the test of time!

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