Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lost Puffin book

Uffington White Horse

Wiltshire Heritage Museum reveals ambitious plans for its 'lost' Eric Ravilious acquisition

Eric Ravilious;  I meant to write about him but found such an excellent blog by James Russell on line that the thought fell through, especially about his wife Tirzah, who seems to be interesting and rather overshadowed by her husband, both were artists.  Anyway they fall with that period of history I like, early 20th century artists.
Paul Nash was Eric's teacher at one time, and the above news regarding the finding of a lost Puffin children's  book had Massingham as the author of this intended book.  The book was lost and Ravilious died an unexpected early death in Iceland.
White horses are such a part of the Wiltshire countryside, and it is true, as approaching Swindon from London you can see the Uffington White horse from the train, and also I used to see the Westbury White Horse from Lansdown on a clear day, though it was about thirty kilometres away.
Some paintings by Ravilious and one by Paul Nash......

Eric Ravilious - Tea time

Paul Nash - on the downs
Eric Ravilious - Train Journey
Paul Nash - blog

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