Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A boat silently nudges it way past a bend on the river
Cold, rainy and windy, but the Diamond Jubilee has been a great success, and it looks like it has put a republican Britain right back on its haunches, the magnificent bronze statue of a lion outside Buckingham Palace has done its job.  Roared fiercely in defence of the crown!
We listened to the concert outside the palace, marvelling at how old some of the 60s musicians looked, that is the 1960s...but it was great stuff, the song 'My House' illuminating the palace was fun.  Today the carriages and horses on show,  I'd keep the royal family just for those magnificent horses, tossing their manicured heads manes interlaced with red braiding and tails brushed to an immaculate swish, they trotted and cantered down the mall in strict formation.
Photos of the flowers that are making their entrance felt.....

Showy red valerian, hogging the limelight in gardens and wild places at the moment.  It came into the country about the 16th century,  sometimes called 'American lilac'.  Grigson calls it a blowsy and cheerful plant.

Also loved by the bees, that is why I let it spread in the garden

White deadnettle more common than the red deadnettle, again loved by the bees.

Hogsweed, a giant square stemmed plant, whose buds large green/purple buds remind you of something evil is about to burst forward....and of course if the sap gets on your skin it will cause sunburn

I'm never good with the wild rose, this is probably the dog rose, poor creature named probably because it has become second best to the cultivars...

My latest effort, colourful but untidy.

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