Sunday, June 10, 2012


What is it about England, one month deep drought, the next month the heavens open and we have floods with the drought over in many counties. It has given us that beautiful verdant green of a temperate climate, and  some of the loveliest hedgerows with the wildflowers coming out in obedience to the season.  The white and pink of the wild roses cascade down with elderflower shrubs to sweeten the air, the wayfaring bush can be found and today I found wild honeysuckles tangled with the hawthorn.

Small pond with yellow irises

the wild rose

Cool depths of the woods

meadow flowers

the same

perfect blue specimen

Just a visit to Danbury Country Park, with its great oak trees, avenues of them leading up to a non-existent house, the long grasses interspersed with the red of the docks.  Carpets of tiny white flowers next to a blue carpet of goodness knows what but the bees were loving it.

Refreshment; a Japanese beer and stout

The Cricketers pub


  1. Beautiful images of this green, very wet countryside.
    It is equally lush here in the New Forest. Hedges studded with Guelder rose and honeysuckle and the heath orchids are in bloom. I would just appreciate a few dry days to get out and enjoy it more!

  2. Lovely to see countryside so different from here. Dartmoor is currently just VERY damp! The ponies seem fine with it though.

  3. Hi to you both;

    It really is sad that we have a beautiful green land to walk in, but plagued by rain every day. Glad the ponies in Dartmoor are fairly happy with it EM and hopefully the New Forest ponies aren't too glum. It must be bringing on the grass in leaps and bounds.....

  4. So many UK wildflowers are similar to those found here in the eastern united states--others slightly different. Its too bad that blogger has removed the option to click and enlarge photos--I love the details of such things.
    It has either been too wet or too dry here this spring/early summer--plants sulk and then come on all at once.

  5. Hi MM, it would be good if photos could be enlarged, the small tapestry of blue and white flowers I have been unable to name, though they could be woodruff, apparently there is a blue version, but don't know....