Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seizing the day

Well there it is a banner bright and bold, but today spinning happily away I listened to their protest songs on the following link, I had found them two or three years back, and though occasionally their language can be near the knuckle it has you laughing and maybe dancing too, I see their address is in Glastonbury - where else for protest?  I am so glad to see Bovey Belle back on the internet too, being a worry gut I had imagined the worst, but thank goodness for internet cafes.
The cottage has been wired up too, I suspect mostly for my love who gets fidgety without the 'source' at his fingers.  But fighting with my grandchildren for the loan of THEIR computers is a bit intimidating, also the little one has a habit of remembering passwords, god knows what she would put on my blogs..... We could have done with Jennie earlier this morning with a Welsh email from a 10 year boy beautifully written asking about Pentre Ifan, but in the end found a translation. 
I even ordered some more spinning wool today, it had a 20% reduction for a kilo so it should last me the year, I have a fancy for space dyeing, and having found a method on Youtube. The snow is starting to melt, the hillock on the green in front of the house is a messy brown colour after hoards of children, adults and dogs have sledged and scampered up and down its side.  
I have been trying to work out how to fool the bully of the garden, a blackbird named Fred not to chase away every other bird who alights to feed, the only one who stands up to him is a wood pigeon who has bulk on his side if no brain!  I am cross that my collared doves are too scared to come down, the starlings help themselves to the fatballs, which infuriates Fred - yes I do waste time watching them.

And a song  Bigger, better, brighter


  1. I live in Glastonbury but I have not heard of this band, I must look them up when I am not busy protesting LOL

  2. Hi Kath, did not mean everyone in Glastonbury is out protesting ;), this group has probably disbanded by now though you can seemingly buy their records online.
    Glastonbury and I have a love/hate relationships, much to do with lost car keys and car park fines, not forgetting the two umbrellas I left behind in the loos at the abbey....

  3. We have been completely free of Starlings this . They seem move around a lot as one year they were roosting in the shelter belt here doing their fabulous displays. It was like a plague of locusts going over sometimes too!

  4. Hi Em, same here to, when the weather is good they mass at about 200 birds, but cold weather seems to drive them away. Couple of years back we used to have creches of about 30 youngsters in the garden, taking baths and eating...

  5. Next time you come to Glastonbury Thelma, you must park in my drive and come in for a cuppa, I will even lend you a brolly :-D

  6. hi Kath,thank you that's a lovely gesture, will do if we ever go through Glastonbury.I've always reckoned it was a bad tempered fairy who stole the car park ticket and lost my keys but there again you have to believe in fairies!


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